The involution of the species: feeding is no more natural

The involution of the species: feeding is no more natural.

The involution of the species: feeding is no more natural.
Today we live in a time when Feeding is no longer as natural as it was in the recent past and is leading us to the involution of the species.
Our Dr. Francesco Cappelletto tells us about it; there was a time when man, like his animal land cohabitants, fed according to his instincts and the clear natural rules
of the environment that housed him. It fed, and nourishing has a profound and very important meaning.
The involution of the species: Feeding is no longer natural.

But what does Feeding means?

To provide a living organism (man, animal, plant) with the food and, in general, the substances necessary to allow it life, that is, growth, development, functions and activities of its own;
to grow, keeping with it and providing not only food but what else is needed for physical, intellectual and moral development.

Reading on its definition on the dictionary I am seeking it to find out what eating means in today’s world.
And to find it I have investigate into the shadows of its subtle meanings, and I see these distorted concepts as if they had been painted by the smoothest Dali.

The detachment has now taken place, man has left the hand of the environment, now he walks alone looking in the direction of his feet and does not listen to the breath of the wind, he does not listen in the deep bowels in search of conscience. It does not observe the natural evolution of creation, it does not grasp its potential and charm.

Now the evolved man engulfs chimeras, bites into the nothingness, and fills his stomach with things that his counterpart of the times gone would have looked with distrust and would have just discarded them.

Mankind has also forgotten; has given itself the choice to disavow his past, to erase traditions, beliefs and practices handed down.
Of the old and wise he remembered only the old aspect, and in its most negative connotation; of positive there is only the new, the sparkling brilliance of inedible and not-alive things.

Too much is ignored by generating ignorance. By actively producing non-thinking subjects who passively passes their time which, lazily from the sofa and without effort, could get for themselves a cluster of matter to be introduced into the belly to satisfy some sense of secondary importance.

The involution of the species: the unnatural food we eat

This nourishment has been emptied of its meaning by crumpling over itself in a planned involution.

Implementing policies and strategies related to using sustainable food, would be a solid alternative. And the responsible and reliable way to feed yourself and your collaborators.

A duty for all those who are active today on policies related to Corporate and Welfare Social Responsibility.  It is not difficult; it is enough to intervene in the current services to give concrete form to one’s intentions. The markets on which they advise to intervene are those of impulsive consumption par excellence, automatic distribution, and catering.
#The involution of the species: feeding is no more natural.#

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