A great community...  for sustainable and responsible people.

A great community...  for sustainable and 
responsible people.

About us

PIÚINFORMA Association is a Non-Profit, founded in 2011 thanks to the vision of a group of people united by a shared value, sustainability in food. Even then, in view of the growing attention paid to health and environmental issues and the increase in problems related to food and degradation of the environment, the need to change course had emerged.

We deal with food outside home and our activities are aimed at public and private companies that host, within them, services of administration and distribution of food and beverages.

Active since 2011 on the Italian territory, since 2013 it has been proposed in other countries, with the main objective of encouraging consumers to orient themselves towards the adoption of healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, so to be respectful to the environment. In this way, a sustainable culture of living that embraces more areas of our daily lives, is developed and spreads.

This change involves information and greater awareness on the part of the entire production and distribution chain, so that the consumer makes conscious and sustainable choices for himself and for the community.

Being sustainable is not only a choice but a necessary realization we have to reach, in order to achieve the well-being of the community and the planet we’re all aiming and hope for.

" Living healthy and eco-friendly is also possible outside the home "

" Living healthy and eco-friendly is also possible outside the home "