It raises the temperature: is it a problem of the earth or of man?

What is the condition of our planet? Is it really that bad? Some wonder?

What is the condition of our planet? Is it really that bad? Some wonder? Or is it just a passing problem, a fad, or a complaint from some annoyed hippie? It raises the temperature: is it a problem of the earth or of man?

In this short article I will simply answer these questions, because the world of “sustainable” is really very complex, for those who want to go in, and understand what is really at stake, when it comes to CO2,  pollution,  carbon  budgets  (0), and targets at 1.5 °C,it may be the most correct way to give an idea of why this whole world isgaining ground.

Why are we discussing the environment?

Is there a discussion about the environment and pollution for the sake of animals? Why are you green or hippie who hate industries? The answer that can be obtained by analyzing NASA’s predictions and statements (1) is very simple: to date, no longer.

In essence, what the world’s most famous and renowned space agency tells us is that, despite the now sensitive effects of human action on the Earth’s atmosphere, the Earth will probably not suffer so radically from the problem.

On the contrary, it has already experienced, in the past, increases in temperatures than in CO2 concentrations even greater than those we humans are causing (albeit in much longer times), and therefore – always says the press office of the American Agency – NASA scientists have no doubt that the Earth will survive these changes as well(2). The doubts, on the other hand, concern precisely man: will we survive the changes that the Earth will bring to its ecosystem, as a result of our conduct?

The answer that logically should be given is perhaps the most obvious: yes, we will survive. But our society does not.

Won’t society survive?

So the problem of the continuation of the species, which I think is more likely to perpetue, in the world, comes the problem of how. How many will we survive? How many will be dead? And, all the more so, will it remain the advanced society of which we are so proud, with all its merits, its acts, and all its flaws?

The answer to the question, I believe, is found in the forecasts in some of the (by a large margin) major world and sector research institutes(3): no,  in this way, the society we know will  most likely not survive.   In this series of articles I will try to show in detail the individual problems that will arise without drastic changes in our way of life, pollution and energy production (4). That is, a series of more than alarming consequences:  from the “dystopian”future, it says “The  Climate Reality Project” (5). Sadly, the data and perspectives proposed by authoritative and certain sources (NASA, Oxford,  CarbonBrief,below in the notes) seem to prove them right. What is the condition of our planet? Is it really that bad? Some wonder?

What can be done to avoid this dystopian Mad Max future

Because if the risks are great, identifying the causes, understanding how “current and concrete” these dangers are, it will become easier to act directly to solve them.

Since, within this general framework, which will have to be specified, I believe that the need to take countermeasures will be obvious. And this is something that is already in  place, think of the  countermeasures that the UN has called on the states to implement (6). But these public are perhaps not yet understood and really felt in the degree of necessity and seriousness for which they have been put in place.

This series of articles starting today will serve to achieve this result: to lead anyone who reads, if possible, to understand the seriousness of the situation, and possibly to give birth to a sense of urgency in him or her,  in starting to do something aboutit individually.

Projects for the future

If I see that this column will please, I will start a series of articles aimed at offering practical solutions useful to reduce their environmental impact,so that everyone can put their ownefforts into helping human society not to disappear. Alternating these with articles where I will mention the newest  possibilities for finding completely clean energy sources(7). Finally, if we have convinced, we will simply explain the various technical terms of the “healthy” world, some of which are mentioned above. It raises the temperature: is it a problem of the earth or of man?

Human society and man’s mind have far more possibilities than might commonly be expected. And to look at the incredible developments that science is getting in the field of clean energy is amazing. I hope you want to follow this path of discovery with me.

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