The sodium chloride enough for your health?

The sodium chloride enough for your health?

The sodium chloride enough for your health? Let us talk about salt. Is sodium chloride (NaCl) really good for your health? As we are generally used to think that the salt that the equation salt and NaCl is clear and definitive. But Is this really the case, in terms of nutrition values?

The legal perspective

The new European legislation on labelling requires that the content of salt- sodium chloride is mandatory in the nutritional tables of all processed products. Not only is it important to know the quantity, but also the use that is made of it (preservative, flavoring) and the quality of the salt we eat, in terms of origin, extraction, processing.

Considering that it is not possible to remove or reduce salt previously added in processed foods, the way is to consciously choose what we carry in our tables, and that we use to flavor our food. The sodium chloride enough for your health?

The chemical perspective

Chemical analysis shows that salt in nature is composed of sodium chloride enriched with calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur oxide, iron, manganese, fluorine, iodine, zinc, chromium, copper, cobalt, and other valuable elements, the amount of which may vary depending on the extraction strand. Unfortunately, in any jar of salt taken at the supermarket the only common element turns out to be sodium chloride (NaCl), free of any other combined element. In fact, in the worst case there is the addition of anti-stickers such as E535 and E536 (potassium ferrocyanide) in iodized salt. poi


We shall think about what processing salt has to undergo in order to be “cleaned” of all the elements that it would naturally bring with it, fundamental for the functioning of all the cellular metabolic reactions that keep our organism alive. poi

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