How to use food as medicine

How to use food as medicine

Nutrition plays an undeniably fundamental (and severely under appreciated) role in maintaining a good state of nutrition and health, but also in the prevention of many diseases, including cancers. For example, it can be considered that the relationship between nutrition and cancer is two-way, in fact, it has been shown that malnutrition can be the direct or indirect cause or cause of the formation of neoplasms and how the latter can induce an alteration of the state of nutrition and /or health. How to use food as medicine

It is therefore necessary that the diet must be balanced, adequate, well distributed, varied and optimal. Put simply, an adult person should try to take 10%-15% of daily calories from protein, 25% from fats and 60%-65% from carbohydrates.

Such behavior allows not only to avoid the danger of nutritional imbalances and possible metabolic imbalances, but to better satisfy the taste and combat the monotony of meals.

Another important aspect is the recommended physical activity must be aerobic, swimming, running or walking at a good pace, they are satisfactory.

The WCRF recommendations for a healthy lifestyle

In the light of the above, some tips or recommendations provided for in the guidelines of the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) are given below:

  1. stay lean for life;
  2. keep yourself physically active every day;
  3. limit the consumption of high-calorie foods and avoid the consumption of sugary drinks;
  4. base your diet on foods of plant origin, with unrefined cereals industrially, legumes at each meal and a wide variety of fresh vegetables, vegetables and fruits;
  5. limit the consumption of fatty meat and avoid the consumption of preserved meat;
  6. limit the consumption of salt and foods stored in salt, while also avoiding those contaminated with mold;
  7. ensure a sufficient intake of all nutrients through healthy eating;
  8. breastfeeding babies for at least six months;
    9. the recommendations for food prevention of cancer also apply to those who have already fallen;
    10.Avoid to smoke!!!
    Keep a healthy lifestyle!

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