How to calculate the environmental footprint in schools

Come calcolare l'impronta ambientale nelle scuole

It is with great pleasure that we inform our members that the environmental footprint calculation program in schools managed by the company BONTORIN&CO has been approved by the evaluation commission Directorate General for Student, Inclusion and School Guidance at the Italian Ministry of Education.

The company BONTORIN&CO, moreover, is among the subjects belonging to the Green Community pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 3 of the Italian Ministerial Decree no. 315 of 28 October 2021. BONTORIN&CO was so considered suitable for managing environmental education projects for schools, from kindergarten to high school.

A strong message about the true meaning of the environmental footprint and how to calculate it!

The project was set up for kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools. The aim is to evaluate and calculate according to precise canons the environmental impact on all the services offered by schools.

How to calculate the environmental footprint in schools? To do this, it is necessary to quantify, obtaining a clear and single data, in order to adopt a real strategy of requalification and impact reduction, helping us to understand the importance of every single action by ATA teachers, students and staff. Everyone is involved in the #rigenerazionescuola process.

“Environmental footprint” is not an easy term to understand, as it refers to numerous indicators. “Footprint” is a term which indicates the ecological footprint, that is the amount of land, water and greenhouse emissions necessary to produce the goods and services that people consumes and produces. The “ecological” is the reflection on the impact that your activities have on the environment.

The amount of land, water and emissions needed by a person for their own consumption is called “ecological” since it refers to human interaction with the ecosystem.

Teaching children how to calculate their footprint allows not only to be able to set clear and practical objectives in order to improve the relationship with the environment that surrounds them, but offers an incredible tool of empowerment for the individual subject: in this way he has a tool to be able to know if he is doing good or harm to himself and to the whole community.

An awareness already from an early age, forms future conscious consumers

Every human action, in fact, has consequences, whether positive or negative. (imprint, that is, leave the mark, a message). Nature is posing challenges to us humans, and we can accept those challenger or flee from them, but it has nothing to do with Earth. Earth was striving well before humanity, and for certain will do the same after us: sustainability it is not for “Earth”, it is for us, it’s our challenge to survive.

The function of adults is to help and facilitate the desire to know of young people!

The Italian Ministry of Education has chosen the wisest way by creating the #pianorigenerazionescuola platform. Let us also do our part if we really care about the future of our children! Let us all become more aware and begin to act accordingly: no human being is an island! We all live radically interconnected with each other, and every action of every single human being is fundamental to the survival of all the others. Let us never forget that. #weareheretogether #togethertobecomebetter

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