Take back your food

Get your food back

Reflections of our technologist  Francesco, to make you reflect on the importance of food.

For a long time now, we have lost our food, our true nourishment, what does us good or at least that does not harm us. Get your food back

We have to get it back! get your food back!!

Food is a primary need, it should be the basis of the Self, we should know it deeply, respect it to the point of almost venerating it. For those who, like me, are Christians, food is so important that through it we feel Christian, bread and wine are material Christ at the time of the Eucharist.

Let us give him the importance he deserves!

If it is HEALTHY, food trains us appropriately and makes us stay healthy, puts us in a good mood and gives us energy. It does not poison us, quite the contrary! It gives us its immense strength and embellishes us with essential elements that increase our vitality, harmonizing and increasing our defenses.

If food is made logically, he is in balance with the environment, so the environment remains healthy and vigorous, docile and generous. A logical food does not leave the earth less than what it receives from it, does not impoverish it and even enriches it. A logical food does not need river oil to be produced, processed and transported from one part of the planet to the other.

If food is valued, it will not be devalued and therefore wasted, thrown, humiliated, it will not be treated as a simple material, to be industrialized, to be broken down and recomposed, to be modified, altered and impoverished. It will no longer be merely a commodity that generates profit at the expense of human rights.

If food is not all this, he becomes misery, death, atrocity and blasphemy.

Love food, try to recognize it and understand it, want to be part of the correct food supply chains in order to support them, to be able to lead them to become a normality and not the exception.

It is not true progress that condition in which there is at the same time regression, becomes an oxymoron that must make us all reflect and, becoming aware, act for our own good and for whom it will come.

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