Associazione PIÙINFORMA and RiGenerazione Scuola: for today’s and tomorrow’s generations

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ASSOCIAZIONE PIÙINFORMA becomes part of the Green Community of the RiGenerazione Scuola Plan of the Ministry of Education. Another important step forward to be proud of.

RiGenerazione Scuola is a Plan for the ecological and cultural transition of schools, designed as part of the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, in perfect harmony with the ideals we have always pursued. Ministry of Health

A tool for the benefit of all schools to be able to implement programs and projects, a large portal of ideas and solutions to facilitate the ecological and social transition and to incorporate the practical and theoretical principles of sustainability starting from the youngest.   Ministry of Health

Organizations, associations and companies can participate to make their contribution with projects related to four pillars, on which the RiGenerazione Scuola Plan is based:

  1. Knowledge, or what you learn at school;
  2. Infrastructure, with the construction of innovative buildings and the creation of new learning environments;
  3. Behaviors, with the acquisition of good habits in respect of the environment even at school;
  4. Opportunities, e. school courses characterized by training courses that look at the themes of ecology and sustainability.



ASSOCIAZIONE PIÙINFORMA bases its principles on training and information on environmental, agri-food and sustainability issues. Principles that have found ample space for inclusion within the Green Community of regenerators. In fact, our project aims to support schools to implement sustainable calls for tenders, a practical and concrete support towards a more responsible present and future towards us and our planet.  Ministry of Health

We are really proud to be able to offer our contribution to a great and ambitious project like this, which has as its foundation the support and support of the generations of today and tomorrow. So that they can live in synergy with the environment in a responsible way. A further piece that is added to the mosaic of our Association. Ministry of Health

The School Regeneration Plan of the Ministry of Education

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