Another look at Unesco’s youth MAB forum 2017

Another look at Unesco's youth MAB forum 2017
Another look at Unesco’s youth MAB forum 2017.

3 years of preparation,  282  participants,  95 nations represented,   180  reserves involved: these are just some of the numbers of the first World Forum of Young MABs organized by UNESCO, but they are enough to make the idea about the complexity and scope of this event – which we can now say with pleasure has been a complete success.poi

The PIÚINFORMA Association – thanks to the constant collaboration of its supporters and partners – has excellently overcome what was considered by many to be a real challenge: the management and coordination of the refreshment service in favor of the participants and all those who collaborated in the event.poi

The Forum was an experience of discussion and sharing on issues as important as they are delicate, such as the environment, the green economy, the future of young people, and an opportunity to open our eyes and minds to different points of view never considered before because – perhaps – coming from the other side of the world. Another look at Unesco’s youth MAB forum 2017.poi

PIÙINFORMA Association

For PIÚINFORMA Association, this world event also represents confirmation of the goodness of our program – which has been successful and admired by many – as well as the quality of the services offered by our supporter members, appreciated by people from 5 continents.poi

To be able to actually take a look  at the Forum, we invite you to watch the video at the following link you can observe a perfect summary of collaborations, commitment, art, environment, all accompanied by looks, carefreeness and smiles that only the conviction of a better and sustainable future can give.poi

We will bring within us this spark that must always remind us of this common goal of fundamental importance, with the hope that more and more people will concretely join our motto “from words to deeds!”. poi

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