The truth about white meats

The truth about white meats
The truth about white meats – Let’s remember that we are what we eat- 

One day I approached a farmer from my country who was sitting outside the downtown bar, muttering to himself and it made me feel bad. I asked him if there was any problem, he looked me in the eye and nodded with his head, he had a sad look that at times seemed like that of someone who feels tremendously guilty. poi

He pointed at me with the children’s index finger across the square and said “I didn’t want to, I didn’t know.” He told me then that he once raised backyard animals in the courtyard, giving them grains and vegetable garden scraps and then selling them or trading them in the village with friends and family. Now, instead, he raises turkeys for a large agri-food company, but not in the yard… But in sheds where thousands of beasts are crammed, in conditions so unnatural that to keep them alive they must apply a real “therapeutic relentlessness”. poi

“We stuff them with antibiotics,” he told me, “the first one is given to him on the first day of life dissolved in water and from there is a continuous … a pre-established a priori program with additions in case of widespread infections”. He told me that the food was also controlled and that all the feed came from a specialized external company .. “I don’t know what’s in it, I don’t find it normal for a chick to become a 35kg turkey in 7 months…!” he told me. poi

The truth about white meat.

I was shaken by that chat that then lasted for a couple of hours and a few glasses of wine. That same evening I went to search the web for the antibiotic resistance and unimaginable damage that it is already causing and that it can cause in the near future. My research continued with the consequences brought by antibiotics in the human intestine, whether taken indirectly through the consumption of treated animals, or directly during “routine” medical care where they are prescribed lightly inappropriately. poi

I discovered that the delicate balance that puts us in harmony with the bacteria present inside and outside our organism is compromised and that medicine with its dogmas tends, well that it goes, to underestimate or not to consider certain dynamics that decisively change the general state of health of people …The truth about white meats poi

Anti biotic = anti-life. They are not selective products, they do not only kill the pathogenic bacterium, on the contrary, they kill everything, even those useful not to say indispensable!! poi

Moral: it would be better to consume less meat and the one used would be to choose from productions “in the courtyard” or in any case in conditions where the antibiotic is the exception and not the rule. poi


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