Planet earth and CO2

Planet earth and CO2

Planet earth and CO2. Climate warming two to greenhouse gas emissions, especially   CO2 emissions, is one of the most debated topics today and continues to worry scientists, environmentalists and every person who cares about the health of the planet that is hosting us.

As the Energy Outlook 2035 forecasts reveal, a report released by the British multinational BP to consider the changes that could affect the global energy market in the 2015-2035 world market, based on political, economic and technological considerations, and on the evolution of the relationship between energy supply and demand, globalCO2 emissions related to energy production will increase by about 25% between 2010 and 2030.

Emissions will be around 6 billion tones higher in 2040 than in 2010.

These are worrying data, which exceed the limits outlined by the experts and which impose decisive actions on the governments of the various countries, in particular those of China and India, which are in strong economic expansion and therefore with the greatest demand for energy.

At risk, beyond global warming, there is a danger of ocean acidification.

Two to the increase in the amount of CO2, in fact, the chemical balance of marine waters has unbalanced towards lower Ph and therefore towards greater acidity. poi

Some marine organisms (such as corals and mollusks) are equipped with calcium carbonate shells, which then dissolve more quickly into an acidic substance. The progressive acidification of ocean waters therefore undermines their existence and the balance of marine ecosystems. poi

The commitment to reducing this gas can therefore start with each of us, starting with our daily lives with the adoption of small precautions such as, for example, choosing to use solar energy from the panels, or eating at km 0, which means discouraging the consumption of fuel for the transport of these foods. Again, we try to choose mostly organic foods or sustainable products, that is, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Planet earth and CO2. poi

When we buy any item, then, we pay attention to packaging: recycled paper or recyclable paper packaging is preferred because, remember, the paper industry is the third party responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. poi

So, let’s start with the little one to save the Great!

Source: ExxonMobil, 2030 CO2 emissions down, 2015, in

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