Food waste and a few numbers to reflect about this!

Food waste, a few numbers to reflect!

In the face of all this food waste we must act, and the solutions are there, it is enough to implement them, and it is up to us alone. Nature is asking us for the bill.

Today we would like to give you some numbers to understand how much of the food we buy is eaten and how much is thrown in the trash. This is food waste.

Answer this question first: are you doing gas at a gas station, once it’s filled up, would you ever leave the gas pump attached to the nozzle of the car causing gasoline to come out on the ground? I don’t think so. The same concept applies to food, why throw it away so lightly if you bought it?

In ITALY in 1 year more than 8,000,000 tons of agri-food products are thrown away, still edible foods thatcould fill about60 cruise ships or even 750 LGV. An amount of food that could feed about 3/4 of Italy! Food waste, a few numbers to reflect!


Foods that we throw because they have exceeded the deadline, or because they open the packages and leave half of them there or for simple abundance in our homes. Think that every Italian citizen generates a domestic waste of 46 kg per year, of which a good 60% could be avoided.

Food waste: do you know why?

Why are we used to doing this without thinking about it: how many times do we usually leave the supermarket with the full cart buying more than necessary? How many times do we allow ourselves to be tempted by the special offers “take 3 pay 2”? not thinking that once at home that more packaging will most likely never be consumed and therefore thrown away?

Translating these quantities into euros, I can tell you that in 2010 it was found that a family throws 450 euros into a year of food products, which means that in a month it throws about 40 euros, or 8% of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of food. And among the products that are most frequently wasted are milk, eggs and cheeses.

These figures should give us food for thought! poi

Let’s be careful when we go shopping. Let’s write a list with the essentials so that we follow it rigidly without falling into promotional temptations. Food waste.  10+HEALTHY. poi

Look at the expiration dates and do not favor long-shelf products otherwise you risk just filling the pantry and finding yourself on the expiration day when you are forced to throw them on the trash. Food waste, a few numbers to reflect! poi

And give the right price to the food, what you do not pay at the checkout will be paid somewhere else …! poi

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