ECOMONDO didn’t convince us

ECOMONDO didn't convince us

On October 26, we at Associazione PIÙINFORMA were invited to ECOMONDO, the reference event in Europe for the ecological transition and the new models of circular and regenerative economy. The event was attended by numerous companies in the environmental sector in the field of waste and resource management, as well as public and private bodies of various kinds. Despite the good premises, why ECOMONDO didn’t convince us ?

ECOMONDO didn’t convince us, why?

Visiting the huge pavilions of the Rimini’s exhibition complex, however, we were somewhat disappointed with what we saw. In fact, the majority of participating companies still remain closely linked to a concept that, according to the ideals of circular economy, must be the least waste management option: recycling.

Recycling has been talked about for many years, as we also witness the past editions of ECOMONDO. From an event like this, however, which defines itself as “a reference for the ecological transition and new models of circular and regenerative economy”, we have seen very little innovative on these issues.

In fact, the primary objective to be achieved and pursued is the global reduction of waste: we must generate less waste, reuse, and transform into other resources.

Recycling, in fact, is a duty and a good practice, but it is not the best choice. The simple gesture of dividing the waste and favoring its recycling can lead to a behavioral inconsistency such as: “if I dispose of plastic appropriately, I can continue to buy it” but someone will obviously have to produce it, using more oil, other energy, emitting CO2 to transport packaging.

Recycle or reuse?

It is a vicious circle that must be broken. It is necessary to change the attitude towards resources. Choosing first of all to consume less, choosing less and less impactful and more durable materials, minimizing packaging, limiting long transfers of goods, and more.

There have also been very few companies linked to the sustainability of the food sector that we know to be one of the most impactful sectors in the world. It’s capable of generating about 13 billion tons of CO2 per year, equal to 26% of the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by man.

So much confusion then, almost like green washing, to which we can only give one explanation: the lack of information. Associazione PIÙINFORMA has been preaching for years the importance of informing individuals about environmental issues.

The almost total absence, with some exceptions (photo below), of institutions predisposed to training and information, has surprised and disappointed us.

For the food sector, knowing the consequences of what we consume is essential to give impetus to the birth of a new market. More responsible and sustainable, which is good for the environment and for ourselves.


ECOMONDO didn't convince us


It’s therefore the duty of institutions to encourage (and in some cases oblige) green production practices. Also it’s important supporting information and training programs for people, to make more informed choices.

These are the reasons why ECOMONDO didn’t convince us.

ECOMONDO has shown us that the interest in environmental issues is constantly growing and will certainly be key issues of the future of our country. It has also shown us, however, that it is necessary to evolve our concept of sustainability compared to a decade ago.

Recycling is not enough and will not be enough to combat climate change. The ecological transition is complex but not impossible, just want it!

Act now for the good of tomorrow

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