45th Conegliano Bird Fair

45ma Fiera degli uccelli in Conegliano

In September 2, 2013  PIÚINFORMA Association participated with its exhibition stand at the 45th edition of the “Conegliano Bird Fair”, an exhibition that every year attracts many visitors,
experts and curious people to the city who want to admire up close the many animals present at the event.

PIÚINFORMA Association has aroused interest and curiosity among visitors by informing about its activities and the values that underlie the company philosophy.
The choice to participate with an information stand at the Conegliano Bird Fair is motivated by the fact that this event is very much felt in the territory and sees
the annual participation of a large number of visitors of all ages or social groups. 45th Conegliano Bird Fair.

The concept of the fair, how it has been

This fair showed an interest in sustainability and in the relationship between humans and animals that seemed to be long forgotten.

It will be a sweet and melodious awakening that of tomorrow morning in Conegliano: at sunrise, around 5:30-6 in the morning, the countryside behind the trattoria
will resurge in the song of about three hundred birds.
An alternative musical performance that can be heard in a completely free form, thanks to the “Singing Birds Fair” organized annually by the local.

This year – there were 300 birds, each of which will have a cage hanging from a tree in the countryside behind the venue.
Quails, blackbirds, bulls, greenfinches, canaries, goldfinches… when dawn comes, males sing songs of love for females, to attract them.
Each master will bring about 3-4 birds, which will be submitted several times to the jury’s judgment, until about 10 am.
Then, around 11 am, there will be the awards, made by category of birds: for all the best subjects there will be baskets of food, with cheese, grain, pasta, jams etc.
45th fair of birds in Conegliano. The park is nice and there is room to walk safely.
Children can come for a walk and hear the birds singing: the entrance is free.”


A biodiversity also protected by UNESCO

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