We approve and enforce the event “sustainability rocks”

We approve and enforce the event "sustainability rocks"

On June 7th we will be guests at this event, we will talk about sustainability in a very interesting and involved way. The Association is always at the forefront of promoting sustainable lifestyles and messages.

Since the early 1970s this English town has become famous for the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, now a landmark event for rock music fans.

Only three years ago the Festival was negatively noted for having produced as much as 1.3 million plastic waste. An example of deregulation that has caused such a stir in the UK that it has also helped to initiate a green turn in the priorities of the festival organizers. We approve and enforce the event “sustainability rocks”

For this festival people has understood that, and are trying to address the problem, while making some noise, letting people know they’re in this fight for the planet.

The music, a concert “is a good place to get in touch with your heart and your spirit. It’s good to be among the crowd, be reminded of who we are and who we can be collectively” (cit. Springsteen, Bruce).

Hence the choice of music and musical events as media and locations to make the sustainable change that our planet asks us.

Waiting for sustainability rocks.

Music has always accompanied tragic events of luxury and pleasure.

For us, linking it to sustainability was possible thanks to the contribution of musicians who provided us with the key to understanding the hidden messages that came to us from music

What we have to understand is that sustainability needs strong ambassadors today. But not because it’s cool, not because it’s fashion: sustainability is a need of this world.

You do it, or you perish. That’s how things work. And it’s not something strange or impossible to do. There are the virtuous examples, and we should follow them, because #sustainabilityisfuture, in terms of workplaces, and in terms of saving the planet.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone, as it can create such a large business might be incredible just to think about it.

We just need to rethink our place in the world as we actually have a place in it. To be aware of it, and to act in consequence. To understand our behaviors and actions have consequences on other people’s lives, and therefore we shall act, and therefore be, #moreresponsible. We approve and enforce the event “sustainability rocks”

They’re talking about https://en.unesco.org/news/future-youth-biosphere-reserves

Waiting… Sustainability Rocks


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