The bio green an event in Asolo Golf

The bio green an event in Asolo Golf,

The bio green an event in Asolo Golf, it represents a real novelty in the golf in scene in which companies related to the field of eco-sustainability, organic and natural participate. poi

A choreographic and impactful competition for the sponsors who will support the project. Each of them will have the opportunity to “customize” and “dress” their hole with banners, product/gadget exhibitors and special prizes. poi

Our Association contributed to the conception with the staff of the club, which created and managed all the reception and the race. poi

Golf clubs are ideal environments to bring people closer to nature and the environment. The occasion of the bio green has allowed many local companies to present their products and services.

The initiative is one of a kind and the 27-hole course will be the scene of the event, the race will be held on the three courses of the course (Red, Yellow and Green) with formula 18 Holes Stableford 3 Categories.

All the local press and national sector magazines will give great prominence to the event: rankings, photographs and articles will also be published on the Asolo Golf Club website. The bio green an event in Asolo Golf. poi

Only thanks to compliance with the rules for the protection of local nature was it possible to build such a spectacular route, behind the hills of Asolo. poi

The green of the valley, the breath taking landscape and the presence of advanced batsmen in all holes, make the match an unforgettable and exclusive experience. The philosophy with which it was conceived starts from the assumption that well-being derives from the pleasure of the game: the path must prove stimulating for a trained player and at the same time entertain even those who are less. poi


Claude Bontorin

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