The Acid-base balance in nutrition

The Acid-base balance in nutrition

Some science and misconceptions on acidic and alkaline foods

In biology, acid-base equilibrium indicates the set of physiological processes that the organism implements to maintain a level of acidity compatible with the performance of the main metabolic functions. Thanks to these processes, blood pH is normally maintained at values between 7.35 and 7.45.

But it is not enough just to take acidic foods to maintain this balance. It’s wrong to categorize acidic substances according to their flavor.

For example, although lemon juice is very acidic, when it is metabolized it behaves like an alkaline food, consequently lowering the body’s acidity.

Analyzing the most consumed foods, we can say that most cereals (particularly wheat and oats) and derivatives have a very acidic component. Higher than that of other cereals and the development of acidity increases if the cereals are refined.

Cow’s milk and its derivatives (cheeses, yogurt) generate a lot of acidity and should prefer the goat or sheep milk.

Furthermore, the metabolism of meat and fish produces a large amount of uric acid, which will necessarily have to be neutralized by buffer systems: the so-called  alkaline foods that in addition to counteracting acidity are also called mineralizers. They mainly include vegetables, fruits and vegetables, nuts and nuts.

Reasons behind the need of a good balanced acid-base diet

We should always try to promote the normalization of acid-base(alkaline) balance by regularly taking alkaline foods, which perform the buffer function. Preventing the body from depriving itself of precious minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, to rebalance the system.

In particular, in menopausal women there is a surge in acidification of the organism and consequently , the bones are particularly prone to the deprivation of precious minerals used as a buffer by the body: an excessively acidic diet can lead in this case to very serious osteoporosis.

It is therefore important to know that the fundamental condition of a balanced diet derives above all from the acid-base balance: there is no balanced organism that is sick, degenerative diseases are in fact due to a progressive situation of organic acidity, generated in particular by incorrect or “unbalanced” nutrition.

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