Social campaign: be PIÚINFORMA for a better world

Campagna sociale: essere PIÚINFORMA per un mondo migliore

PIUINFORMA means, at the same time, more information and healthier lifestyle. Meaning our goal is to give guidelines and informations  to help people to know more aobut what they eat and therefore to be able to guide better their decisions and choices when concerns about food.

Guide and instructions for the drafting of sustainable calls for tenders to support companies and administrations, committed to implementing a circular economy in the food sector

Why social

We chose to take care of food as it involves all of us and accompanies us throughout the day; the manufacturers are well aware of these consumption habits of users and have studied specific formulations and packaging depending on our perception of good and quality.

But is that really the case?

Association PIÚINFORMA after a very simple market research carried out directly on consumers,can safely say that this is  NOT the case. Social Campaign: MOREINFORMA for a better world.

We have noted that in automatic distribution and collective catering the consumer “suffers” and does not choose; many foods and/or products analyzed by the scientific committee that manages the specifications of quality marks 10+SANO  and  10+EQUO  are  definitely to beavoided, always if we are interested in people’s health and the environment. That is why we have called it the ‘SOCIAL CAMPAIGN‘.”.

There are many people, companies and bodies that have been looking for a dialogue with current economic operators for years to improve offers but in fact hardly changes anything.

Joining our campaign makes all citizens part of change: it is time for the public sector in particular to take responsibility because now this is possible, but we need the awareness of those who run schools and hospitals and specifically the managers. They are primarily responsible if junk food is in the machines and canteens everyone eats very badly; a lot of unmanaged waste is produced, and a lot of food is wasted. But is people’s and the environment’s health worth anything?

All catering and automatic distribution services are subject by law to award by invitation to tender and subsequent drafting of a contract for the administration of services and few know that it is their right to request a copy. You will discover pandora’s box!!

Social Campaign: PIUINFORMA for a better world. PIÚINFORMA Association is at your disposal for all those who want to implement the change!

How we will do it?

1) Drafting a sustainable call for tenders (PIF) that follows the PIUINFORMA guidelines,

2) By signing a contract for the administration of the sustainable service with the service management companies.

The result will be:

-Significant reduction in the use of plastic

-Completely eliminate plastic cups and scoops

-Total elimination of plastic accessories and cutlery

-Increase in the use of mains water as an alternative to PET bottles

-Increase the availability of “healthy” products.

-Differentiate and reduce post-consumer waste more and more and monitor its management

-Relate the performance of services for any improvement interventions.

-Support especially schools in the construction of laboratories and practical circular economy activities

-Use the CO2 CALCULATOR dedicated to school institutions

Social campaign: be PIÚINFORMA for a better world

Now it’s our turn, we are the change

“Every system made by multiple elements manages to express itself at its best when they work properly and are interconnected with each other. In this case, the automatic distribution of food products represents the practice of an educational system aimed at creating in people, the ability to make choices that develop and consolidate healthy habits”.

Thanks to:

Fosan Fondazione

Pentapolis Foundation



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