PIÚINFORMA Association sustainability in vending

PIÚINFORMA Association sustainability in vending

It is with great pride and pleasure that I inform the readers of “Vending Magazine” that the PIÚINFORMA Association in the last two years has acquired important international awards: institutional accreditations that enhance, increasingly, our Sustainability project for Automatic Distribution. PIÚINFORMA Association  sustainability and business in vending.

The partnership with UNESCO

In 2017 we were official partners of the UNESCO World Biosphere Protection Programme (http://en.unesco.org/news/future-youth-biosphere-reserves). In June of this year, PIÚINFORMA Association supported, instead, the Initiative of the World Network of Water Museums (www.watermuseums.net), coordinated by the International Center for Water Civilizations and recently approved by the UNESCO/International Hydrological Program Intergovernmental Council as the “UNESCO Initiative”.

We have also been having fruitful relations with the Public Administration and some Ministries on sustainability issues in Vending for a long time. In addition to these activities – which will certainly bring a benefit to the activities – which will certainly bring a benefit to users of Automatic Distribution through the partners that adhere to our project – many companies and bodies have already chosen us and have activated our program considered, among many, the truly “most sustainable”.  Soon PIÚINFORMA Association , in fact, will also be a certification. poi

The situation for our work

Our motto “from words to deeds” is proving successful, because Sustainability is not a slogan to be trumpeted around to “make yourself beautiful” but it is a value that must always turn into concrete and verifiable projects. PIÚINFORMA Association sustainability and business in vending. poi

Currently PIÚINFORMA Association has 44 active structures in a dozen companies /entities in Italy and there are many negotiations going on through our partners. Bringing value to the entire supply chain – from producers, managers, consumers – PIÚINFORMA Association represents a “sustainable” and profitable lifestyle and form of business for vending operators. poi

Participating is simple and costs nothing and brings benefits for everyone. poi

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