Matcha: the green miracle that everybody loves

Matcha: The Green mirale that everybody loves

Matcha green tea is a refined type of green tea that has an ancient tradition and it is an essential part of Japanese culture and of the tea ceremony. Matcha: The Green mirale that everybody loves 

Moreover, in the last few years, Matcha green tea has started to gain increasingly more popularity among customers outside the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Bright green and intense aroma. These are the two characteristics of this tea. 

The Matcha green tea plantation is very delicate and it requires a careful plantation and production. In fact, the plantation has to be favored by ideal climate and soil conditions, without forgetting the fact that these plantations have to be repaired from the sun light. Uji (Kyoto prefecture) is where the most refined Matcha green tea comes from. 

Farmers collect by hand tencha leaves, and subsequently, the powder of the final product is obtained through a stone grinding process. Therefore, the powder obtained from this process can be mixed with hot water, milk or it can be used in other types of dishes. Matcha green tea is also used to prepare the well-known matcha cappuccino, matcha latte and in Japan we can find it in several products, from ice-creams to smoothies, from mochi (rice cake made of glutinous rice) to kitkat. 

The preparation of Matcha

There are two preparation methods:

  1. Usucha: it is the most common preparation and it is the one used when we order a matcha tea at the bar. 
  2. Koicha: it is the preparation used during the tea ceremony, where the tea is mixed by using the Chasen (茶筅), namely the bamboo tea whisk typically used to mix the beverage. 

However, considering the ancient tradition, matcha green tea shouldn’t be underestimated as it has many advantages; so many that it can be considered a “superfood”: 

  • Antioxidant:  it is a powerful antioxidant and one single cup contains more than other foods (for instance pomegranates and blueberries).
  • Energy: it also gives a lot of energy thanks to its natural properties. 
  • Concentration and memory: thanks to the L-theanine, matcha green tea helps to reduce stress levels and favors more concentration and memory. 
  • Digestion: matcha green tea also has many digestive proprieties since that it helps to protect the mucous membrane of the digestive system. 

Matcha green tea, other than the characteristics mentioned above, has many other proprieties; and we shouldn’t forget that it is delicious. Matcha: The Green mirale that everybody loves

Try it! 


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