Ionized and alkaline water

Ionized and alkaline water
“Do good to you and the environment”

Alkaline ionized water is a valuable health aid because its constant use can lower the acidity of the organism. Ionized alkaline water is produced by a system called an alkaline ionizer, which filters tap water first and then purposes it. Micro impurities and unpleasant smells and flavors disappear, but also transform it into antioxidant water, rich in oxygen and highly bio-available alkaline minerals. But Ionized and alkaline water has no nutritional, magical or medicinal value.

All that does wonderfully well is neutralize acid slag by going to counteract all the pathologies associated with it, such as: chronic fatigue and low energy level, hair loss, fat accumulation, muscle cramps, migraines, poor digestion, acne, respiratory disorders, osteoporosis, dental caries and much more All this with a single cartridge, combines water quality with attention to the environment.

If you seek to buy it

Not only anti-limescale

But it is also a special filter that adopts a filtration technology that combines special buffered carboxylic resins able to reduce carbonate hardness without changing the level of PH and silvered activated carbon in granular form.

The double power supply, managed by an internal by-pass with fixed calibration (15%), is able to feed both resins and activated carbon at the same time, with the consequent increase in the autonomy of the device and a controlled and not excessive reduction of the hardness of the water. The silver molecules present in the filter structure prevent bacteria and viruses from proliferating, so they keep the water bacteriologically pure. One cartridge for a dual function.

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Water is fundamental to our survival and digestion. Reducing or avoiding buying it in bottles both glass and PET helps the environment and is good for your health.

“water flows, does not travel”

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