Health and the environment first!

Health and the environment first!

Health and the environment first!, health and the environment must be at the top of everyone’s well-being.
A good quality natural environment meets the basic needs, in terms of clean air and water, fertile soils for food production, energy and materials for production.
Green infrastructure also serves to regulate the climate and prevent flooding.
Access to green and blue spaces also offers important leisure opportunities and promotes well-being.

At the same time, the environment is an important route for human exposure to polluted air, noise and dangerous chemicals.
In its report on the prevention of diseases through healthy environments, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that environmental stressors
are responsible for 12-18 % of all deaths in the 53 countries of the WHO’s Europe region.
Improving environmental quality in key areas such as air, water and noise can help prevent disease and improve the quality of human health.

Health and the environment first!

There are many types of pollution depending on the pollutant or the polluted area. But we can also talk about global pollution about human behavior, many changes are taking place.
For example, the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2 ) dissolving in the oceans makes the waters more acidic with negative implications for marine fauna.
Meanwhile, the emission of greenhouse gases (responsible for the greenhouse effect, a natural phenomenon that causes global warming) into the atmosphere
increases the natural greenhouse effect by increasing global average temperatures and causing the melting of glaciers, the thermal expansion of the oceans,
the climatic alteration and also the increase of extreme weather phenomena (floods, hurricanes, etc.) resulting in hydrogeological failure.

Air pollution is the main environmental health risk in Europe and is associated with heart disease, stroke, lung disease and lung cancer.
Exposure to air pollution is estimated to result in more than 400 000 premature deaths in the EU each year.
Exposure to noise in transport and industry can cause annoyance, sleep disturbances and related increases in the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

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