Ecomondo fair 2014 at Rimini

Ecomondo fair 2014 at Rimini

PIÚINFORMA Association, at Ecomondo fair 2014 at Rimini, is also the protagonist. The great exhibition dedicated to eco-innovation and green technology of international level.

Like many other Italian companies, PIÚINFORMA Association, is striving for an environmentally friendly choice. At Ecomondo he presented his solution towards sustainability: the eco-friendly Area Break. The original vending machines are already structured with a waste compactor included, and also have snacks and health drinks inside.

PIÚINFORMA Association, has always encouraged and enhanced healthy lifestyles, trying to stimulate virtuous behaviors among consumers.

In Italy, approximately 30 million tonnes of municipal waste and almost 130 million tonnes of other hazardous and non-hazardous waste are produced. This waste, with the exception of hazardous waste, aggregates and at least downstream material recycling, can be used for the production of SSF, secondary solid fuel. CSS represents a concrete opportunity to limit the environmental impact of certain industrial activities, and in particular the production of cement and electricity with solid fossil fuels.

However, the development of the use of CSS is necessarily based on dialogue between the various stakeholders (institutional and industrial) and maximum transparency about the actual results that can be achieved in the field. poi

The legislation (rules and technical standards) stands in particular as an appropriate basis for developing a constructive comparison between controllers and market operators, while at the same time allowing for ever-improving results.
In this context, the conference aims to present and illustrate news and updates from the interesting sector last year. poi

Ecomondo fair 2014 | Rimini poi

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