Eco-sustainable catering

Eco-sustainable catering
Eco-Sustainable Catering is possible and exists, presents it to you!

Since its presentation on the occasion of Eco Design Week 2016, in the Po Delta Regional Park, UNESCOs MAB reserve, the Eco-Sustainable Catering conceived  has become a source of interest for all those Schools and Companies that are growing in the direction of sustainability.

And what better way to talk about this current topic than to start with food? Our format will make you protagonists in making the right choice for your health and the environment! Menus selected by the CATPA committee, a group of technologists in the food sector; which analyzes all the characteristics of the food, from the raw material to the production system, and recognizable by the 10+ SANO quality mark.

Enhance healthy and genuine food

The goal is, in fact, to enhance healthy and genuine, organic and seasoned foods, without GMOs, suitable for all food needs and with a view to a low environmental impact. In addition, thanks to a particular micro filtering system, the common network water will become a real resource of well-being, with alkaline and ionizing properties.

PIÚINFORMA Association, however, in embarking on the path of sustainability does not stop only at ingredients. Eco-Sustainable Catering® only accessories will be used (plates, glasses, biodegradable and compostable trays and cutlery, which make the waste cycle zero impact. The furnishings will be made of formaldehyde-free cardboard and built with an interlocking system that allows assembly and disassembly without the use of glues and tools.
Finally, another characteristic element of our eco-sustainable catering format is the waste differentiation and compaction system, the all-in-one solution to manage separate collection in a single station.

Eco-Sustainable Catering is based precisely on a chain of activities connected to each other, from the production, processing and distribution of food to waste management. We want ours to become a catering model that respects consumers and the environment, and a social tool to promote the concept of sustainability.

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