Discover the Glucose-fructose syrup

Sciroppo di glucosio e fruttosio: scopriamoli

You may never have done it before, but we invite you to do so: if you are drinking a carbonated drink, juice or eating a snack, ice cream, biscuits, a brioche, a candy, look what you find at 3rd-4th place on the ingredients list… glucose-fructose syrup?! Discover the Glucose-fructose syrup poi

Glucose-fructose syrup is the most widely used sweetener ingredient in the world; derived from cereals, especially corn by enzymatic reaction, used in the industrial sector to give sweet flavor to products. The factors that drive companies to “abuse” them, are certainly its sweetening power, superior to sucrose, but even more so its low cost. Sometimes it happens that it is inserted as a sugar substitute for the sole purpose of not making sugar the first ingredient on the list. poi

But let’s get to the point, is it good or bad?

In February 2012, study published in The Journal of Nutrition showed that high consumption of glucose-fructose syrup predisposes adolescents between the age of 15 and 18 to diabetes, cardiovascular problems and obesity. An increase in body fat was observed in the visceral level, that is, in the abdomen around the organs and not only under the skin. All these factors favor the development of serious health problems at a very early age, but which become predisposing factors for the development of serious pathologies in adulthood. Other studies also report its addictive effect on consumption, especially among children. poi

Our advice

All we have to do now is figure out the maximum amount we can give. Some specialists recommend 25 g per day, but given its very wide use, from breakfast products, to savory snacks, desserts and drinks and that the quantity is never indicated in the packaging it is very difficult if not impossible to realize the amount consumed or to consume. It is not so much, therefore, the quantity that there is in a single product but of the set of products that contain it. poi

Therefore, the advice is first of all to check the label of our favorite cookies, and not only those, and understand if already in the morning our load of glucose syrup and fructose starts, and then try as much as possible to avoid them throughout the rest of the day, eating fresh, simple and unpackaged products. poi

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