Chicken: free-range means genuine?

Chicken: free-range means genuine?
Are we sure that a chicken we buy at the supermarket, on whose label we find written raised on the ground, has affectively been able to rocket during its existence? Chicken: free-range means genuine?

Although free-range chicken does not mean genuine, The much disparaged by some consumers, however, it is always at the top of the sales charts both for the price available to everyone and for the good reputation of white meats, recommended as an alternative to red ones.

Perhaps it is also a little to blame for us consumers who are inclined to associate the term ‘ ground-raised’ with the image of a chicken free to run and eat in the middle of a lawn or a courtyard, but the reality here is completely different. Chicken: free-range means genuine?

Our advice to avoid buying bad chicken

Therefore, instead of looking for the words “raised on the ground” you have to find those chickens that have been raised “outdoors” or that come from organic farms; these types of farming respect the welfare of the animal and consequently of the consumer.

Some advantages that you have from these farms are:
  1. more space to express typical behavioral forms (rocketing, spreading and spreading wings, grooming, turning, ruffling pens, etc.)
  2. more robust bones
  3. easier inspection of hens
  4. environmental conditions with lower levels of ammonia and dust (for outdoor and organic farms)
  5. less use of drugs and antibiotics that are then found in traces in meats and eggs.
Some more information to know what you’re buying poi

There are different types of poultry farming that are distinguished by the use of cages and the space available to birds. poi

These include:

– caged breeding, now used only for the production of eggs where hens live locked in cages without the possibility of moving. poi

– ground breeding hens live free in sheds at different levels (from 1 to 4) with one nest for every 7 animals and where the feeders and watering cans are located. These are free to ” move ” but very limited since the sheds are very crowded and if it goes well their paws rest on a grilled floor below which there is an organic pit to collect the excrement, otherwise they rest on a hay and sawdust compound that as the hens live is filled with excrement and cleaned only once the shed is emptied by birds. poi

– free range, hens have at their disposal a shelter sheltered from the weather, with feeders and watering cans, and an open space where they can rocket, the population density is lower poi

– Organic farming is similar to outdoor breeding, but follows its own production specification that involves the use of breeds of rustic hens (preferably native ones coming exclusively from organic farms). The population density must not exceed 6 animals per square meter in the shelter and must have access to an external park for at least 1/3 of their life. Outdoor spaces can include shaded areas and patches of vegetation for shelter against predators. Feeding should be carried out with organic feed, usually cereals. poi

Good health and good appetite! poi

If it has this brand it is genuine

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