C.A.M. catering services: crushed under the glass roof

C.A.M. servizi di ristoro: schiacciati sotto il tetto di cristallo: C.A.M. catering services: crushed under the glass roof

A black cloud has fallen on the Environmental Minimum Criteria for catering services already being approved. The so-called “C.A.M.”, criteria aimed at establishing a minimum requirement of consistency with respect to environmental issues in the various product sectors, seem to have crashed against the so-called “glass ceiling“.

It happens on December 13, 2022, with the reopening of that “working table” that had already been closed on August 4, 2022, under the previous government: no motivation, neither of content nor of procedure.

However, the “change of flag” seems to have also changed the air, which, despite the pro-environmental statements of the present government, when it comes to looking at the facts, it seems that the interest lies decidedly elsewhere. C.A.M. catering services: crushed under the glass roof.

The comparison

Despite this forced “reopening” of the discussions, they took place in a manner not dissimilar, if not exactly identical, to how they had taken place during the previous sessions.

Demonstrating, in the effects and argumentatively, that the arguments against a more effective structuring of C.A.M. actually does not exist.

Despite this, the text of the draft legislation has been changed.

A likely sad epilogue: the clash with the glass roof

Given the sad course of the sitting, it is clear that it will be politics that will make the choices and take charge of the effects and responsibilities that follow; Some of them may be happy – perhaps – others, most likely, will be less happy. What counts, in politics, should be facts, consistency, especially when it comes to sustainability, and the ability to take a forward-looking look.

It seems, however, that this time it was easier to think only of the present, as an old philosopher (“vice“, of the “West” said); And perhaps it is a matter of thinking – somewhat selfishly – only of “one’s own garden“, without using that more general, more far-sighted look that should, instead, be the characteristic of a good policy. C.A.M. catering services: crushed under the glass roof

The so-called “glass ceiling” proves itself for what it really is: not a mere “divider” contrasting only minorities, of sex, language, ethnicity, but a real “mental block“. A structure that is representative of the mindset  of a ruling class that does not know and does not want to adapt to any form of change, whatever it may be.

But all this is terribly short-sighted, because today nature no longer respects our times, and it will not do so because we have not respected its times. We must react, not close ourselves off on ourselves.

The opportunity to “do well” that seems faded

Yet, despite the obstructions of the “glass roof“, our research shows us that the adoption of C.A.M. that are actually effective and not just a “screen for environmentalists“, could lead to enormous benefits, both in terms of well-being and in economic terms.

In fact, legislating to update our country to environmental issues could give great lifeblood to the many companies that, in Italy, for several years now have been increasingly addressing these issues.

Through the Observatory within our Association, in fact, we have identified a series of advantages, already reported previously to the ministry, that the application of C.A.M. really incisive on environmental issues could flourish:

— drastic reduction of CO2eq emissions: at least 151,774 tons of CO2Eq less than the current situation (which would change little, with the C.A.M. structured as they are written now);

— economic savings for companies in the sector of about 90-100 mln. euros per year;

— absorption of the “loss of turnover due to Covid” which would not only allow the recovery of the turnover lost in the pandemic period but would also allow to obtain an economic surplus of about two billion;

— recovery and increase of both operational and administrative staff.

Most operators in the sector are strongly awaiting a turning point, also and above all determined by the serious increases in raw material costs caused by the succession of Covid-19 emergency and the Ukraine crisis. A turning point that, however, may not come.

There remains, therefore, the bitterness in seeing the excellent work already done distorted and the hope that this is not a real U-turn on an issue, the environment, which every year gets worse and worse.


Faced with these conditions, we have requested that this version 4 of the C.A.M.  not be included in “green” public procurement. It would accredit, in fact, a system contrary to all the indications aimed at the need to reduce emissions, the foundations on which they were built, and which would make the establishment of the same C.A.M., precisely, a mere “façade“, but completely useless.

The solutions to combine the extremes would be there, what is needed is the will to do it, a will that, to date, in Italy seems to be lacking again.

For these reasons, our Association has decided to resign from the table, thanking the management team that has worked so hard to give the floor to everyone.

With this action, we try – even in our small way – to give the signal, that – in our opinion – “going backwith respect to the correct path to follow is a serious mistake. Our hope, therefore, is to stir some conscience, so that we can decide in the truly most optimal way for the environment and for our future, rather than the most conservative, but contrary to the direction of the world.

The future is #green, and it doesn’t have to wait any longer

In faith,

Dr. Lorenzo Bontorin


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