Biologic is better than conventional?

Biologic is better than conventional?

Biologic is better than conventional? Choosing biologic food means first of all embracing and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, with a view to a better future for everyone.

But not only that: it also means encouraging the work of producers committed, to preserving the health of the soil and water, who also favor the maintenance of biodiversity and respect for the welfare of farmed and wild animals.

Thinking about raw materials is the essential basis for making biologic products, analyzing and monitoring the supply chain with direct checks, also random.

The biologic production method is governed by specific regulations, both at national and Community level. By respecting these guidelines and submitting your activity  to verification,  by a control body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies. The BIO certification is obtained.

Biologic: why better than conventional?

Certified products are identifiable thanks to a characteristic symbol; a leaf outlined with white stars on a green background, common to all Europe. Biologic farming only allows the use of natural substances, excluding any herbicide, insecticide, (and any other chemical synthesis substance to promote production). It is possibile to avoid  the use of pesticides can be done, favoring natural cycles, intervening with appropriate cultivation techniques such as crop rotation, to give  the soil time to naturally “recharge” ; avoiding monocultures that cause the concentration of parasites; cultivating in parallel plants that work in synergy both to feed    and to defend themselves from diseases. Alternatively are used fertilizers and preparations of natural origin.

It also be said, in favor of the biologic method, that the industrial agriculture currently used to meet the enormous world food demands is not sustainable: it disfigures, consumes, pollutes, depreciated the value of food and  work of those who dedicate themselves to it.

By choosing instead products obtained from organic farming, you do not contribute to the exploitation of the land and animals; in time when  about the sustainability of production, natural agriculture should be encouraged and encouraged, since it is the only way to be similar to the land. Biologic is better than conventional?

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