Associazione PIÙINFORMA for the regeneration of schools


ASSOCIAZIONE PIÙINFORMA and RiGenerazione Scuola (School Regeneration), finally here we are!

During the day of yesterday, April 13, 2022, the national convocation of the School Regeneration plan of the Ministry of Education took place.

In these days, the School Regeneration Plan will be officially presented to all schools of order and degree, which in turn will be encouraged and supported to adopt one or more projects in favor of sustainability at 360 °. poi

We were also present at the convocation, as ReGenerators of the Green Community, a title that gives us great satisfaction, for all the efforts and concrete commitments that our Association has made over the years in favor of a more sustainable agri-food system for the environment and people. A theme that today is increasingly close to schools. The dedicated online platform of the Ministry of Education will thus allow any school to get in touch directly with our Association and join our projects. poi

Redeveloping refreshment services

RiGenerazione Scuola is the golden opportunity to spread information, common sense and good (new) habits. An important opportunity to act in a concrete way and where there is a real need, redeveloping refreshment services has always been our mission, because the well-being of the environment and of our children inevitably passes from nutrition. The guidelines for sustainable calls for tenders that we propose to companies and schools, are already a concrete tool to achieve this goal. poi

Calculate the environmental footprint of schools

But we didn’t stop there. Because today more than ever, we believe that in order to act in a concrete way and reduce negative impacts on the planet, it is necessary to know and monitor one’s environmental footprint, because every action has a reaction, which inevitably falls on the environment. It is in fact from this need that our Carbon Calculator Education project is born: an environmental footprint calculation  system dedicated to schools and that we will submit to the attention of the Ministry itself. A scientific methodology (it is based on methodologies already known and applicable by all, it is only a matter of wanting it) that puts an end to the abnormal amount of indicators and objectives that, in our opinion, hide a reality that is often uncomfortable but that unfortunately exists. poi poi

If we want young people to be more attentive to their behaviors and choices, we believe it is our duty to provide them with the right tools. poi
Over the years we have understood that what they ask of us “decision-makers” is to act and set a good example, not fill them with words! poi
We have specifically created it to be used by each individual institution to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of its activities. poi
Each entity can generate its own map and make the system organic. One more concrete tool to support sustainable development! poi

We make our projects organic

Thanks to the School Regeneration plan, all these projects can spread to all schools in the country and become organic and systematic. It is time to inhabit the world in a new way, because there is no new world. Associazione PIÙINFORMA with RiGenerazione Scuola wants to offer its commitment to a sustainable future, because environmental problems are our problems and require a systemic approach and the contribution of everyone and immediately. poi

Our projects for School Regeneration

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