A.M.I.T.A.P and PiùInforma association a winning synergy

A.M.I.T.A.P and PiùInforma association a winning synergy: During the days from 30 to 1 October 2022 the national conference was held

During the days from 30 to 1 October 2022 the national conference was held in Sicily (precisely on the Isola delle Femmine Palermo) of A.M.I.T.A.P (the Italian National Association of Maintainers of Drinking Water Treatment Plants). It is the 12th edition, and we had the honor and pleasure of being among the speakers during the first day of the work.

The President of the Association Dr. Luigi Da Ros, who hosted us and whom we thank, opened the work by summarizing the activities carried out over the years by the same, difficulties and results obtained. Thanks to the collaboration of its members and high-profile ministerial figures with whom it has, and is cooperating, the growth projections of its members. Microfiltered mains water is a viable alternative to packaged drinking water, regardless of the container used.


Among all the interventions that followed during the conference, we point out the most relevant ones in terms of change, such as Dr. Enrico Veschetti of the Istituto Superiore Sanità (of the Italian Ministry of Health) who spoke of the “European Directive 2020/2184 on plants and materials in contact with water intended for human consumption” and a second intervention on “Control parameters for bacterial load“.

And then Claude Bontorin who developed the theme of why #do on food and beverage distribution services is needed by connecting to the environmental CAM (environmental minimum criteria), now at work at the Mi.T.E. (Ministry of ecological transition). Following dr. Lorenzo Bontorin who with an innovative philosophical approach on issues related to “consumption habits” and on the culture of “disposable”.

Always present for many years at the A.M.I.T.A.P conferences, Dr. Rossella Colagrossi (former director of the Ministry of Health) detailed the “Microbiological parameters according to the new legislation”.

Others have followed such as Ing. Eric Gambaro with “How to operate in the field to counteract the bacterial load“, Giovanni Simoncello on “The strong development in the market, analysis and trends to orient oneself in the future” and Livio Busana on “The Moca and the responsibility of installers“.

Themes very dear to us and closely related to the future C.A.M. for refreshment services.

The collaboration between the two associations

It is even more concretely demonstrated how the collaboration between A.M.I.T.A.P and PiùInforma association is a winning synergy, in fact, after the signing of the Agreement signed between the parties already on April 22, 2021, there were many dissemination activities at the contracting stations that included in the calls for tenders for refreshment services also the maintenance of the dispensers, both automatic and semi-automatic.

This Convention places as a basic instrument information to consumers and their protection for all those who used these services. It helps all companies that have mains water supply services in their company to be compliant and avoid problems to the health of their users.

A step forward beyond the mere installation of a system that has maintenance and controls as its “weak” point.

The proposed solutions

There are two priorities for this document drawn up by the representatives of the two Associations:

1) affect the conduct of Public Administrations in including in the calls for tenders or assignment of services in progress the obligation of a document certifying the correct maintenance of the machinery as required by the current standard, thus ensuring its users greater protection of their health.

2) Likewise, also inform all private companies about the risks that may be achieved by failure to observe the document also indirectly related to the D.V.R. (Risk Assessment Document).

3) Support and carry out specific consumer information activities, workshops and conferences, training projects for conscious consumption.

With the signing of the “Memorandum of Understanding”, the Associations have thus intended to make a very qualifying step, demonstrating great awareness and responsibility in a transversal way from civil society and the economy, as an intrinsic ability to create a climate of trust around them, introducing tools shared with their “stakholders”, and favoring new competitiveness for companies that intend to be virtuous.

All that remains is to address the invitation to extend to all the members of the individual Associations of this “Convention between PiùInforma association – A.M.I.T.A.P” so that they transfer it to their active or potential customers. The document can be downloaded directly from the site www.associaizonepiuinforma.org and by filling out the contact form directly on the sites:



On this occasion we thank Dr. Luigi Da Ros.

We wish you all good work

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